You Just Got A New Puppy...
They're either going to be the best friend you always dreamed of...
Or a monster that tears up your house and you can't take anywhere...
What should you do in the first 30 days to raise your perfect puppy?

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Have you ever thought turning a crazy...bitey...un-potty trained puppy into a calm, confident companion seems like an impossible task?
If this is you, then I've got something awesome for you...

After being incredibly overwhelmed by my first puppy, I went out and asked nearly 30 dog experts exactly what you should do in those crucial first 30 days of bringing your puppy home.

They shared some amazing secrets like...
  • The SINGLE most important thing you need to do if want to have a successful relationship with your puppy (See Gresham's interview on day 3)
  • What MOST new puppy owners do WRONG (and how it affects their puppy for years and years...) (see Yani's interview on day 3)
  • What the secret to potty training a puppy is (hint: it's not what you think) (see Dr. Brumley's interview day 1)
  • ​Expert advice for socializing your new puppy so they become a confident, well-adjusted adult dog (see Dr. Pachel's interview day 1)
  • ​What the BEST games are to play with your puppy that help build a bond, burn the crazy puppy energy, and train them all at once (see Ian's interview day 1)
  • ​The little-known secrets to crate training your puppy FAST (even if they seem to hate it at first)...(see Sarah's interview on day 3)
  • You'll learn how to manage the CRAZY puppy energy (even if you live in a high-rise apartment)...(see Amanda's interview on day 2)
  • ​You'll finally know how to handle puppy biting so that your puppy isn't tearing up your hands, ankles and clothes (see Erin's interview day 2)
  • ​How to calm your puppy down when they're being crazy(I know this might seem like an impossible task, but it's not!)...(see Ian's interview day 1)
  • ​You'll discover how to build confidence in your puppy so that they don't exhibit fearful behaviors (excessive barking, peeing in and tearing up the house, etc)... (see Amber's interview on day 1)
  • ​​You'll get some simple hacks for teaching your puppy to be OK being alone (and prevent separation anxiety)...(see Michelle's interview on day 2)
  • ​​You'll discover the best tips for introducing your new puppy to your current dogs (and cats) so that they learn to love each other (or at least tolerate each other) quickly (see Kim's interview day 2)
  • ​​You'll learn the MOST CRUCIAL commands you need to teach your puppy asap (and how to teach them) what you don't need to spend time teaching them (see Kris's interview day 1)
Introducing the 30 Day Puppy Challenge...
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So Who Are These Dog Experts You'll Be Learning From?
Let me introduce to you some of your 30 Day Puppy Challenge Dream Team members...
Kayla Fratt, Dog Trainer
Kayla Fratt is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, owner of Journey Dog Training, and has helped over 5,500 dogs.
Ian Stone, Dog Trainer
Ian Stone is the owner of Simpawtico Dog Training, CGC Evaluator, and volunteer for his local rescues.
Dr. Amanda Brumley, Veterinarian
Dr. Amanda Brumley is not only a veterinarian, but also a breeder and show dog handler. 
Mike Ritland, Navy SEAL K9 Trainer
Mike Ritland is a former Navy SEAL, K9 trainer, author, owner of Team Dog Training and founder of the Warrior Dog Foundation.
Melanie Daybell, Breeder
Melanie Daybell is a breeder, certified vet tech, and dog trainer. She breeds and trains both companion dogs and service dogs.
Tori Mistick, Professional Dog Mom
Tori Mistick is a therapy dog handler, dog rescuer and advocate, and the owner of Wear Wag Repeat.
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- Jake Thomas

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